How McGraw Hill Connect Digital Learning Platform: Effectively Assist Teachers during Covid 19 Pandemic

The Covid 19 Pandemic affects all sectors in the society including Education where classes were suspended as a safety measure in spreading the deadly virus.  And since the class suspension has already taken longer period of time, educational leaders in all affected countries has made online classes the best alternative for student’s learning.  Through online classes, students still continue with their tasks in school and finish the school year without compromising learning.

McGraw-Hill Connect during Covid 19 Pandemic

McGraw Hill Connect is one of the most used digital learning platforms being used by students, teachers and even parents during this time of Pandemic.  Since  all are advised to stay at home, children whose classes were suspended still have to continue the school year but without the need to go to school and meet teachers face to face. 

In the platform, teachers upload tasks such as worksheets and quizzes which could be downloaded individually by students in a particular class.  The students usually will be informed with codes to be used in order to get accessed with a certain class.  In the same platform, teachers could also attach learning resources such as pop sheets, links and other materials which will aid students in answering their worksheets. Find more interesting information about never doing homework again here.

Students then can upload their downloaded worksheets to the same platform and teachers could easily assess their performance.  Their ratings can also be attached on the said platform so that students can track the quality of their output based on teacher’s criteria. 

So, even during this time of Covid 19 Pandemic, students are not compelled to stop learning.  The McGraw-Hill Connect provides a better way for teachers and students to get in touch with each other and learn together in a distant.  As of the moment, the pandemic continues to affect a lot of people.  Cases from different countries continue to rise and there’s still no advice for students to go back to school.  with McGraw Hill Connect, students’ learning won’t be stopped.