Simons Test Kit For Detecting Secondary Amines!

Now this is very easy to detecting secondary amines like MDMA and Methamphetamine along with the use of Simons test kit. This small kit will automatically allow you to do a simple test and come to know the difference between the two different substances such as MDA or Amphetamine and MDMA. Even the use of the kit is very easy to understand for the people. In this article, I am going to share some deep knowledge about the Simons test kit and its use. Click here to get more information about wimscilabs.

Deep aspects about the Simons test kits!

In case, you are not familiar with the use of the Simons test kits then you should read all the instruction that are available on the apex of the user manual that comes along with the kit. The reagent is mostly provided in two different parts.

  • To commence with the mixture of 2% sodium nitroprusside and 2% acetaldehyde in water.
  • Other is the solution of 2% sodium carbonate in water.

Moreover, separate storage of the aldehyde and base are really important to secure the alhol polymerization of the aldehyde. You can read the reviews online and the make the decision of buying the best Simons test kit at the online store.

Method of testing!

A drop from each of solution A and B is dripped onto the substance that are used for testing, causing the two different solutions to mix them together. Due to this, you will automatically come to know about the pill testing and many other options online.

Moreover, it would be best for you to keep it secure, if you are not using it. You should simply store the reagents into the cool and consistent temperature that is the best place to store the test kits into the freezer.